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Approved by order № 621 of
Informational and accounting center, JSC
30 October 2018

Qoldau.kz web-portal Privacy Policy

Chapter 1. General Provisions

1. This Privacy Policy of the Qoldau.kz web portal (hereinafter the Policy) applies to all information provided by users of the Qoldau.kz web portal (hereinafter referred to as Qoldau) located on the domain name https://qoldau.kz/.

2. User of Qoldau, carrying out all actions aimed at using Qoldau, accepts in full all the terms of the Policy and expresses its voluntary consent to the processing of the data provided for the purposes described in the Policy.

3. If the user does not agree with the Policy, he is obliged to refuse to use Qoldau.

Chapter 2. Collection and / or Processing of User Information

4. The processing of personal data in this Policy means:

– data collection;

– their systematization;

– accumulation;

– copying;

– storage;

– editing;

– use;

– depersonalization;

– blocking;

– destruction and other types of data processing stipulated by the current legislation of Kazakhstan.

5. Using Qoldau means the user's unconditional consent to the processing of the following information about the user:

1) personal data.

While using software products and / or services, Qoldau may collect and process the following personal data, including but not limited to: user IIN / BIN, user’s full name, mobile phone number, date and / or year of birth, email address, IP address, information about the mobile device from which access is made, date and time of visits from software products and / or services, operating system version, unique device identifiers.

Personal data is collected for the following purposes:

– user identification;

– providing user personalized services;

– communication with the user, including sending notifications, offers and information regarding the use of Qoldau, the provision of services, as well as the processing of requests from the user;

2) user data not related to the personal data.

Non-personal data types include, but are not limited to:

– agronomic Data;

– land Data;

– machine Data;

– livestock Data;

– weather Data.

6. The user is solely responsible for all activities related to the data when using Qoldau. The user remains the owner of the data after their transferring. The data is stored for a period of no more than is necessary in accordance with the purpose of their processing, and the user can request at any time to delete the data.

Chapter 3. Providing user information to third parties

7. In some cases, Qoldau may provide certain personal data to strategic partners cooperating with the owner of Qoldau to provide products and services. The owner of Qoldau provides the amount of personal data needed only to provide the required service or to carry out the necessary transaction. Strategic partners pledge to accept the terms of this Policy. Information is not provided to third parties for their marketing purposes.

8. To use personal data Qoldau requests the user's consent to the processing of personal data.

The user's personal data may be transferred at the request of the authorized state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan only on the grounds and in the manner established by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chapter 4. Security Measures Used to Keep Information Confidential

9. Qoldau has modern technologies and internal procedures and carries out all actions aimed at protecting information from outside interference, unauthorized attempts to access information, change, detect the presence of distortions and / or changes in the content of electronic documents, disclosure or destruction.

10. The user is obliged not to disclose, not to provide and hide the data of his account when typing, not to transfer the electronic digital signature to third parties. It is recommended to use and timely update antivirus programs to ensure maximum protection. Compliance with these recommendations by the user will ensure maximum safety of the information provided, as well as reduce potential risks when performing transactions using an electronic digital signature, including via the Internet.

11. The use of confidential information is governed by the Law of personal data and their protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

12. In the event that user data was improperly accessed or disclosed, Qoldau is obliged to notify the user in any way possible.

Chapter 5. Other provisions

13. User Qoldau has the ability to obtain their source data in MS Excel.

14. At the request of the user, Qoldau undertakes to remove any identification information, however Qoldau does not undertake to delete information from any backup copies created earlier.

15. The company has the right to make changes and / or additions to the Policy unilaterally, with the publication of changes and / or additions, or in a new edition on Qoldau. Changes take effect immediately after publication, so it is recommended to regularly review Qoldau.

16. In the event of a change in the owner of Qoldau, users will be notified in any way possible. The new Qoldau owner undertakes to comply with this User Policy.


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